Watercolor Marina is a small project with a huge heart for children, whose parents are looking for a place safe, smart, interesting, cheerful, a place with principles and traditions.  It was born in thoughts and hearts of parents who are open to the World full of taste, feelings and sensivity to  principles, authorities and memories of own happy childhood. Those values we want to pass to our child and to other children and parents who will put confidence in us.
Watercolor Marina conducts its acitivities according to the education system bill and regulations of Education and Sport Ministry. It is a private establishment registered on the Warsaw’s list of private schools and establishments under the number 94/PPN/11.
We conduct a preschool program in Polish language in accordance with the guidelines of MENiS.
The program  contains full extent of knowledge and skills which are expected from a child graduated from kindergarten. It gathers 15 areas from the obligatory preschool educational program. We enable children to enjoy activities Polish and English language. Our activities interchange with children spontaneous play and ideas. It is our common World.
In the preschools group “Mariners” we conduct the program “Trampolina”. Additionally we offer speech therapy, psychological consultations,  workshops of creative development, occasional meetings, concerts and theater spectacles.
every day -  in parallel with regular activities, we organize for kindergarteners  a long morning English activities.
We believe that we can contribute to child growth in the areas such as social and emotional development, physical activities, creativity, language skills, logical thinking, esthetics in the ocean style club.
What else do we offer?

  • English language:
  • Creative gymnastics ( aerobic, gimnastic on gym )
  • Activities with our didactic programme Olek i Ada
  • Everyday sport activities using games and plays  from all over the World
  • Workshops aimed at intercultural integration
  • Theatre and music activities
  • Fine arts activities, educational and skill games
  • Prevention of speech problems with hand therapy
  •  Relaxation and psycho-educational fairy tale therapy - as a tool for supporting kindergarteners. Activities focused at  psycho-educational aspect are aimed at change of certain behaviour manners (e.g. cleaning duties, cooping with peers aggression etc.). Activities in relaxation manner are aimed at appeasing by the end of the kindergarten day.
  • Individual psycho-therapeutic fairy-tale therapy activities, which help a child in difficult emotional situation (e.g. child’s first days at kindergarten, separation from parents, an appearance of a new child in a family)
  • Children mathematics in theory and practice
  • Meeting with nature and ecology – workshops
  • Outdoor activities mean health – everyday enjoy walking, playing at the playground
  • During the holiday period we follow the formula of weekly projects with lots of language games and activities.

We have high expectation for ourselves and for our teachers. We work with teachers and educators who love children and are passionate about their fields. We want to be proud of our valuable educational standards.

Our week _main programme