We have received letters from….. Parents
Dear Aneta and Krzysztof,

The education of our son Staś at Watercolor Marina has come to the end therefore we would like to thank you very much. You managed to create really fantastic place for children, we will recommend it . Staś had a great time and we were happy to see how fast he develops and learns new things. I think Staś will have a lot of beautiful memories form this period, so will we. I hope not to lose contact and we want Staś to visit occasionally his friends and teachers at kindergarten so please send us information about your activities.
We wish you a lot of success and sent regards

Urszula i Jan Drelewscy

Dear Anteta i Krzysztof
„….I am very grateful for a very good care of my child. The fruit of your work we will gather for a long time. I would recommend you to my friends. I wish you success and I’m sending greetings.
With best regards. Karolina Dziedowicz, Dawid’s mother
En extraordinary kindergarten and excellent teacher team doing a great job. The fact that our child is filled with energy, joy, gladness and enthusiasm while stay at kindergarten gives us the best guaranty that she is in the great hand. Child happiness gives parent peace.
We wish you a lot of success and satisfaction. Kasia and Bartek, parents of Maryssa
Dear Sir and Madame,
We have given under your care our greatest treasure – our son. Antoś started there his adventure when he was 2,5 years old. He has quickly adjusted and started to love the place. Kindergarten has given him the sense of security, development, and interesting way of spending his time, professional care, joy and fun. The kindergarten presents a very high level of its involvement in child development. It provides a wide range of activities due to which children spend their time effectively, acquire knowledge and have fun. Teachers pay attention to teach children good behavior and security rules. Conditions and equipment are adjusted to children age and needs. Meals are delicious and diversified. The day schedule guarantees everyday outdoor activities as well as  relaxation and sleeping time. We are fully convinced to give our recommendation to Watercolor Marina. However, the best recommendation is our son Antek who gladly gets up and runs to kindergarten.

Marta Bondarowska-Filipiak I Marcin Filipiak, Parents
Respect and care about having a great connection with children and their families are the base for great experiences at kindergarten. We would like to share with Parents the responsibility for upbringing, development and education of their children.

We give to our children the chance for comprehensive physical, spiritual, cultural and social development; we support their spontaneous and creative activities.

  • Those goals are achieved by supporting child in:
  • Building up independence and self-confidence
  • Developing respect towards order and work
  • Developing interest in individual as well as group work conducted in silence.
  • Reaching long term concentration while accomplishing task
  • Respect for work of others
  • Developing individual talents and cooperation skills
  • Reaching spontaneous self-discipline coming from child obedience